Project is dead

This project is discontinued from February 2nd 2009.

Site is live again

After a lot of updates from SF (and my lack of reading them), the project site had gone offline.
Now it's back online for historical purposes.
The demo does not work so well anymore, but this is due to changing environment (probably new PHP versions)...

Just try it out on your own from the Downloads section.

Long time no update - again -

Hi everyone,

It's been an enormously long time since the last news on phpReservation. It's been very busy also. I am amazed at all the work I've put into this project before, and it gives me enough energy to start digging further. Today I've made some internal adjustments, to make diagrams more easy to generate, and more equal in style. The new functions/ takes care of that.

Newsletter 1: Basic info & teasers

The first newsletter for phpReservation is finished

Website updated

Today I've added the "Support" and "Documentation" pages, together with all necessary links.
The SourceForge project page has also been updated and the first bug has been reported!

For the moment, there will not be any svn updates yet.


Grabbing a download

Hi everyone,

I've received some e-mails of people wanted some sort of download link. The downloads page clearly states that there is no release yet. You can download a developmental release from subversoin if you want.

If you don't know how subversion works, contact me to get a distribution by e-mail.

Cheers, I'll be working some more on phpres this summer!

Demo updated to SVN #32

The new logo and css theme (replacing table structure) has been put online.
No logical changes have been made.

New site layout

Hi everyone!

Today I've installed a new cms to support the need for a decent site for phpReservation.

The site will be updated more regularly than the old one, I really got tired of the heavy Joomla. I'm confident, drupal is the way to go, no other cms comes close to its easy of use and modularity.

That's all for now ;-)

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